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Easter Simnel cake

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Adjust Servings:
225 g Plain flour
175 g Butter
175 g Light brown sugar
4 Egg medium
175 g Raisins
250 g Sultanas
75 g Apricots
50 g Candied peel
75 g Glace cherries
75 g Almonds flaked
1 tsp Baking powder
950 g Marzipan
3 tblspn Milk
1 Lemon zest
1 tspn Mixed spice
100 g Jam apricot

Easter Simnel cake

    • Serves 12
    • Medium




    Easter Simnel cake

    This Easter Simnel cake is something that I have only just started to bake in the past three or four years. To be truthful, I had never heard of it before then, and if I had, it was probably avoided due to the marzipan. Marzipan used to be big no-no for me, possibly caused by too many Christmases with rock hard marzipan on the cake. Thankfully this is no longer the case and that cake situation has been sorted out. Easter-time always used to be a time for hot cross buns, Cadbury’s Creme Eggs and some chocolate eggs. Once I had resolved my marzipan issues, I started to eat Christmas cake and finally found out about this!

    There is a nice disk of marzipan in the centre, and it has been topped with another disk of marzipan and 11 marzipan balls to represent the 11 apostles. The 12th (representing Judas) is not included on this cake, as he was a bit of a bad chap apparently. The first time I made this I neglected to grill the top, the other times I have grilled or taken a blowtorch to top to caramelise it.  Either way, it is entirely optional but I think it adds bit of extra flavour to your Easter Simnel cake.

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    This step is entirely optional, but if you are so inclined, soak the fruit the night before, in the rum.
    Chop the cherries and apricots and add them along with the candied fruit to the soaked sultanas and raisins.
    Pre-heat the oven.


    Cream the butter and sugar together.
    Add the baking powder and mixed spice to the flour and using a whisk, mix them together.
    Roast the flaked almonds in the oven for about 5 minutes and then leave to cool.


    Add the egg to the creamed butter one at time, with a spoonful of sifted flour - only use three eggs, the fourth is for the final step!!!
    Fold in the flour.
    Mix until thoroughly combined, adding the milk slowly.


    Take 300 g of marzipan and roll into a disk about 7" in diameter.
    Grease and line a deep 8" cake tin.


    Add the flaked almonds into the batter.
    Fold the mixed fruit into the batter, along with the lemon zest.


    Pour half of the batter into the tin and use a spatula to spread evenly.
    Lay the disk of marzipan into the centre of the batter and then cover with the remaining batter.
    Place into the oven and bake until golden.


    When an inserted skewer comes away clean, it is baked.
    Leave to cool in the tin for about 5 minutes before removing to cool on a rack.


    Put the jam into a saucepan with a tablespoon of water and heat gently until it is a bit runnier.
    Roll the 400g marzipan into a disk that will cover the cake.
    Using a brush or the back of a spoon, apply the jam to the top of the cake.


    Onto the apricot jam, add the disk of marzipan.
    Take the remaining marzipan and roll into 11 balls, attaching to the top of the cake with a bit of apricot jam.


    Give the marzipan a wash with a lightly whisked egg white.
    Place under a hot grill for a few minutes until the marzipan starts to caramelise.


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